Products & Services

Acoustic Products and Systems 
Rectangular Attenuators (Silencers, Duct Silencers)
Cross-talk Attenuators
Acoustic Doors (Sliding, Hinged, Transparent, Up to Rw57)
Acoustic Seals (Doors, Access Panels & Windows)
Acoustic Panels & Enclosures (Indoor, Outdoor, Sound Insulation & Absorptive)
Acoustic Plenum Boxes 
Acoustic Wall Lining (Metal, Fabric, Wooden, Decorative & Sound Absorptive)
Acoustic Barrier Wall
Acoustic Barrier Mat
Suspended Ceiling
Acoustic Foam
Jet-Engine Test Cell Acoustic Treatment & Products

Anti-vibration Products and Systems
Vibration Isolater (Spring, Rubber or Neoprene Isolator) 
Neoprene Vibration Insulation Blocks
Vibrating Insulation Wall
Concrete Inertia Block
Wall Lining

Other Products and Services
Acoustic Air Handling Unit
Thermal Insulation System
Fire-rated Door
Flow Control Valve
Architectural Wall Lining (Fabric & Metal)
Any Acoustic Treatment Work


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